Interested in becoming a professional certified hypnotist to help others transform and create the life of prosperity and meaning for yourself? Don't know how to find the right training to get certified and build a successful practice?  We train the best hypnotherapists in the world and certify on behalf of the NGH, the biggest and most recognized professional hypnosis association in the world. Learn about our Professional Hypnosis Certification Program.

In addition to booking a hypnotherapy session with Alexander Fidelman, CCHt, you can also learn and master Self-Hypnosis with our comprehensive online course "Hypnopower - Learn and Master Self-Hypnosis To Reach Your Goals."

*Disclaimer: Medical, mental health or dental conditions are only treated by the prescription, referral, supervision or direction of the appropriate licensed practitioner of the healing arts as pertaining to Florida Hypnosis Law. Individual results may vary.




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Become a Certified Hypnotherapist

Join our profession to make a difference and create the life of prosperity and meaning.

Learn about a rewarding career of a professional certified hypnotherapist: how to get trained, certified and be accredited with the most recognized and prestigious hypnosis associations in the world - the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and International Association of Hypnosis Professionals (IAHP)

From the desk of Alexander Fidelman, CCHt

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor (NGH):

Why Hypnotherapy Training and not the Mental Health Fields for a Career?


Hypnotherapy is its own profession and has been acknowledged by the US Department of Labor, US Department of Health, the US Department of Education and the US Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. 

We love and support all caregiving professions and we are grateful for our mental health care providers. Hypnotherapy training and certification is a comprehensive training.  Graduates open their own offices, make their own hours, and often work in coordination with mental health, dental and medical professionals as Certified Hypnotists.


No prior degrees are required and there is no need for many years in a University setting where you incur tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt and where you learn things that you do not even want to.

With this comprehensive hypnotherapy training, you not only tap into an incredible power within you, you can create your own new profession.

Are All Hypnotherapy Programs Offered in the US the Same?


No. In fact the difference can be staggering. In many years of learning hypnosis from different teachers and getting certified by 9 different associations of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming I can assure you that it is not easy to find a training program that will adequately prepare you to open a practice almost immediately upon completion, start seeing clients and create profound transformation in their lives.

It is even more difficult to find a system that will ensure you can successfully work with every client, every possible issue and deal with so called "difficult clients."

It's a dream of every professional hypnotherapist to have a robust system to be able to help any client with any issue. To create powerful and permanent transformation on a deep subconscious level. And to be fully ready to handle any subconscious resistance and help every single client succeed.

Would you like to learn and master a comprehensive state-of-the-art system of conducting hypnotherapy sessions for any issue and any client, regardless of the difficulty, and have unbelievable, almost miraculous, results - even if you don't have any prior experience with coaching, therapy or hypnosis?

Sounds difficult to believe it is possible? Read on. 

As a student and teacher of hypnosis for many years, I can tell you that every hypnotist sooner or later encounters clients with who they use every technique and approach from the hypnotic toolbox and still hit a wall. Logically you know you are doing everything right but nothing seems to work. It can get very frustrating! Then you want to dive deeper and learn more; go to another training and take yet another certification course. And then you practice and practice, getting better and better, yet eventually you meet a particularly difficult client and realize that something is still missing in your work.

That experience made me work relentlessly to find a system that will be so robust and flexible that no matter what situation I find myself in with any client, I will always be able to help them create powerful lasting transformation. 

After many years of learning and practicing, going through multiple training and certification programs, I have finally found it.

It's called 5-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis or 5-PATH. As a CPHI - Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor - I am proud to train and certify anyone who chose to join our profession to be a 5-PATH Hypnotist certified to practice hypnosis by NGH - the National Guild of Hypnotists and IAHP - International Associations of Hypnosis Professionals.

The good news is that 5-PATH is all you need to professionally practice hypnosis and be successful with every issue.

We Train "One-Percenters" - Some Of The Best Hypnotherapists In The World - With This Very Structured and Systematic Approach Of Deep Transformational Hypnosis System That Predictably Works with Virtually Any Client

This system is so powerful that even after working with clients for so many years I still sometimes feel amazed at how easily and effortlessly clients release deep past drama and trauma, change behaviors and feel empowered, free and at peace in just several 5-PATH hypnotherapy sessions. It's a real game changer.

In addition to mastering hypnosis techniques, our hypnotists learn how to create a very successful hypnosis practice. This comprehensive training program will help you create very meaningful and life-fulfilling work. 

This is also a very financially rewarding work meeting increasing demand of people to transform themselves.

Upon completion of the training and passing the exams, you will join the 5-PATH community  of hypnosis practitioners and will have access to the best free support in the world. As an active member of various professional associations myself, I can assure you that every question you might have about any issue with any client, will be answered within hours. This will help you build confidence as a new practitioner very quickly.

In addition to learning how to successfully help others create powerful and lasting subconscious change with hypnosis, you will also learn how to work on yourself and will have an amazing experience of learning and mastering a powerful self-hypnosis system during our training.

If you’re ready to embark on this journey of personal transformation and become a professional hypnotist helping your clients with the awesome power of a modern and professional system of hypnosis, complete the application now!


We have limited space so act quickly.

Once we review the application, if you're a fit, you'll be offered a private interview where you'll have an opportunity to enroll in our training program.