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Who Is Alex Fidelman Really?

Going Deeper: Videos

Video Interview 1

In this video interview Alexander Fidelman, CCHt is explaining in detail the nature of what people often refer to as "anxiety" and how hypnotherapy successfully deals with any fears, tensions and anxious feelings. He also explains the difference between treating  or managing symptoms with hypnosis and doing deep transformational work re-wiring one's neurology on a subconscious level, which in many cases leads to true healing so there are no symptoms to treat*.

Video Interview 2

In this interview A. Fidelman, CCHt is talking about how he uses several deeply transformational modalities in age regressions and other therapeutic processes. Alexander utilizes this approach very successfully in dealing with such issues as fear of public speaking, low self-esteem and self-image, trauma and all childhood related issues, delibitating fears, anxious feelings and worries, and many physical issues, such as pain*.

Synopsis of the SELF-HYPNOSIS Training

In this workshop Alexander Fidelman, CCHt presents an easy-to-learn system of self-hypnosis. Manage your internal landscape and make desired changes to let go of the past and reach your goals. Do it as your own coach and therapist. The video outlines the basic structure of the approach and shows some exercises. You can learn self-hypnosis in a privacy of your home with our new online course Hypnopower - Learn and Master Self-Hypnosis To Reach Your Goals.

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