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No: Myths & Misconceptions.

18 Myths About Hypnosis

Myth #3:

Hypnosis affects a cure in just one or two sessions. It is a panacea.



In many instances one or two sessions of hypnosis may enable a person to break a habit. However, in the majority of cases it requires a number of sessions before a favorable and a long lasting result is obtained – it is not a panacea (it cannot cure all human problems; and it cannot do it instantly.) Like with anything in this world, there is no magic pill. Yet, hypnosis has proven to be significantly more effective than other modalities. According to the study of Dr. Alfred Barrios, Clinical Psychologist, PhD, published in American Health Magazine, Hypnotherapy has a 93% recovery rate in just 6 sessions, compared to 72% recovery rate for Behavior Therapy in 22 sessions and 38% recovery rate for Psychoanalysis in 200(!) sessions.

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