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How to Stop Smoking Easily to Become a Happy Non-Smoker*

The SuperEasy Stop Smoking Program is an extremely effective and powerful process. And it usually only takes one hypnotherapy session*.

It is based on advanced hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).


Alexander Fidelman, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, will help you become a NON-SMOKER*.


If for any reason you do not stop smoking after just one powerful session, you can come back for a followup session - within a period of 2 years - to become a non-smoker. Totally free of charge to you*.


Why 2 years? Because we know we haven't just helped you drop another bad habit - we've helped you change your identify because you haven't lit up for over 700 days*.

Quit smoking for good. Become a non-smoker. Now and Forever.

If you are not sure yet if you really want to stop smoking, click this. If you know you do, read on.

We utilize more than 20 different parallel and sequential subconscious processes to ensure you stop smoking. It simply means you could become a non-smoker regardless of how long you've had this habit for*.

Hard to believe? Never been hypnotized before? Concerns about hypnosis? Sign up for a free consultation and we'll show you that our process is different from anything you expected*. We will change your life*.


Whether you smoke 5 cigarettes or 2 packs a day, are tired of being controlled by cigarettes or simply can't

afford them any more, are concerned about potential health threats or had asthma, COPD or any other life threatening diagnosis and simply have to stop smoking to save your life - whatever the reasons are - we transform what has been driving the desire for smoking in the first place*.


No willpower needed*. Because our approach is not utilizing your conscious mind. Consciously you've known for a long time that it's been bad for you. And you ignored this knowledge because it is not your conscious mind that calls the shots*. 


Effective communication with your unconscious is what makes this change easy*. 

Ready to stop smoking now? Book a FREE breakthrough call with Alexander Fidelman, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, here.

Our clients report that as a result of letting go of the smoking habit they breathe easier, have a deeper and longer sleep, stop snoring, feel physically stronger, smell better, have more confidence and higher self-esteem, spend more time with their family, become better parents, and have more time, money and energy to enjoy their life to the fullest*.

The undisputed strength of our approach is that not only does it create a powerful change extremely fast - a few hours to let go of a life long habit!* - but it is very thorough and fun.  


And what makes it unique is that unlike stopping smoking "cold-turkey" it teaches you subconsciously how not to take on other negative habits. The ones that act as a substitute for smoking*. Like overeating or excessive snacking. It also helps you deal with any potential withdrawal symptoms*.

Our cutting edge mind technology is packed with innovative techniques which combine Ericksonian hypnosis, traditional hypnotherapy, NLP (time-line therapy, reimprinting methods and modified new behavior generators) as well as Core Transformation*.


Don't worry about the meaning of these long and funky words. We simply make deep transformation easy*. And create quick and powerful shift*. In your unconscious. Profound and life-changing*. This is why we are so convinced that you could stop smoking after just one session*. And if not, you can come back for a followup session within 2 years - totally free of charge!* 

If you are still not sure if you are motivated enough to stop smoking, read this. If you feel you are, keeping reading below.

3 Key Components of the Super-Easy Stop Smoking Session


1. Master very efficient and easy tools & techniques to let go of the craving to smoke on the spot - literally within seconds. These tools become very useful especially in the first 72 hours after stopping smoking. They help you easily deal with any physical withdrawal sypmtoms if they ever arise*.

2. Reprogram and re-wire your brain on a deep subconscious level so that new neurological connections are formed and a new identity of a non-smoker is created from within*.

3. Clean things up - helps you subconsciously not to take on any other unhealthy habits that replace smoking*.

Ready to stop smoking now? Book a FREE breakthrough call with Alexander Fidelman, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, here.

Let's look at the above 3 key components in greater detail. 


The first one - tools and techniques to extinguish any cravings - is mainly important in the first days after stopping smoking because it helps clients alleviate any suffering during the initial "physical withdrawal"*. 


Those who stop smoking "cold turkey" do not have these tools and this initial period is normally very painful for them. Our clients, on the other hand, are taught extremely powerful techniques to deal with any cravings for that cigarette on the spot - if they ever arise - and transform the way they feel very quickly*.


What's also important is that these same techniques could be used at any later stage to deal with any negative emotions that come up in life, either in connection with stopping smoking or not*. 


The second component - the process of re-wiring the mind - is the most important one for making deep subconscious changes that last lifetime. We use various methods, techniques and patterns to reprogram and re-pattern your unconscious mind to give up the smoking habit despite the fact that it has been running this program for a very long time*.


One of the problems that all smokers have is that they are extremely desensitized to any negative consequences of smoking regardless of how horrific they might be. They even do not experience any negative emotions when presented with terrible images used by anti-smoking advertising (holes in the stomach, lung cancer, etc.)*


We will teach the unconscious about the consequences of smoking. And we'll do it without using shock therapy. What we use is the language your subconscious mind truly understands - not the one that tobacco industry uses on packs of cigarettes to "scare" smokers.*


In reality, those methods are based on what is called "reverse psychology" - and in many instances activate the rebel inside a smoker - which enhances the drive to smoke!* 


We do not use the same aversion therapy tactics. We speak directly to your unconscious and make sure the message is accepted*.


Finally, as part of this segment of the process, we help our clients internalize the desire to be healthy and really integrate all the positive outcomes of being a non-smoker. Deep within their psyche. The ultimate goal of this stage is to "re-wire" our clients' brain and create a new powerful identity of a non-smoker*.


To achieve these results and make the incredible transformation on the deepest unconscious level we use various methods and techniques from Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP, traditional hypnotherapy as well as other modalities that go far beyond traditional talk therapy*.


It simply means that what we do goes far beyond your conscious awareness. It re-wires your neurology on a deep subconscious level*.


The third component of the session - the cleaning process to prevent negagive replacements - deals with creating new healthy behaviors that substitute for the old smoking habit. These new ways of being satisfy the positive intention behind the old behavior*.


Every behavior, regardless of how detrimental it could be to one's health and life, has a positive intention deep within. Our job is to make the connection within the subconscious mind between this positive reason, this positive intention and new healthy ways of being.


This step helps new non-smokers not take on any other negative habits like excessive snacking as a replacement for smoking. Instead you generate - subconsciously - new healthy behaviors to satisfy whatever positive intention was behind the old habit*.

Ready to stop smoking now? Book a FREE breakthrough call with Alexander Fidelman, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, here.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary as they depend on many individual factors. If you do not stop smoking after one session you may come back for one followup session for you to become a non-smoker within 2 years from the original session - free of charge.

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