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No: Myths & Misconceptions.

18 Myths About Hypnosis

Myth #17:

Hypnosis is anti-religious.



There are no religious connotations associated with hypnosis. As it is a naturally occurring state, the trance state is equally common to those who practice religion and those who do not.


As prayer, meditation or contemplation are quite common for all religions, we naturally find ourselves in a self-hypnotic state while doing these activities. Additionally, those who preach and educate in a religious setting quite often use many techniques of group hypnosis whether they realize it or not. Whenever your critical faculty of the mind is bypassed while you are listening to anyone, you are naturally in a state of hypnosis which means that all suggestions given by a speaker tend to be easily accepted on a subconscious level. Therefore any public prayer at a place of worship is hypnotic by nature.


In my practice I see people of all religions with various degrees of religiosity and I find it very beneficial if clients have strong religious beliefs as they open them to wider possibilities with healing with hypnosis. Additionally, hypnosis can help people excel on the spiritual path. If clients are agnostic or atheistic, on the other hand, they can equally benefit from hypnosis as well.

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