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Why: Benefits of Hypnosis*

A wonderful quality of hypnosis is that you can be taught to use it alone, at will, and without complicated procedures. This fact makes many benefits readily available throughout your lifetime. You can begin to discover the many ways in which hypnosis can change your life from deep inside and not only in terms of modifying symptoms.*

Uses of Hypnotherapy*

What some happy tennis students say:  

The following list is not complete as there are many other uses for the practice of hypnosis. Items that are considered of a medical or psychological nature are to be treated by only licensed professionals who are qualified to do so, or through the referral of such a practitioner of the healing arts*.

Smoking Cessation >>

Weight Control

Problem Solving

Stress Management

Physical and Mental Relaxation

Motivation Problem

Gambling Problem

Excessive Drinking

Pain Management

Driving Phobias

Test Anxiety


Self Esteem & Confidence

Fears & Panic Attacks 


Excessive Anxiety Study and Exam Performance

Bed Wetting

Migraine Headaches

Emotional Difficulties

Sports Performance

Changing Habitual Behavior

Lowering High Blood Pressure

Relationship Problems

Enhancing Sports Performance

Present and Past-Life Regression

Ending Fears and Phobias

Stopping Addictions

Improving Job Performance

Finding Your Earthly Purpose

Increasing Financial Prosperity

Ending Writer's Block


Healing Claustrophobia

Healing Grief and Loss

Increasing Physical Energy

Resolving Angry Feelings

Becoming More Optimistic

Spiritual Guidance

Expansion of Consciousness

Trauma (incest, rape, physical and emotional abuse, cult abuse);

Sexual dysfunctions

Concentration difficulties

Behavior Modification

Dentistry – a person responsive to self hypnosis methods may control salivation, bleeding and pain.


Analgesia & Anesthesia

Prevention of Gagging and Nausea

Creative visualization for healing


Hypnotic Dreamwork

Uncovering memories that are normally inaccessible

Hypnosis can work on virtually anything the mind affects*.

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