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No: Myths & Misconceptions.

18 Myths About Hypnosis

Myth #15:

Hypnosis is a surrender of one’s will to the hypnotist. It is one “stronger soul” having power over a “weaker soul,” where the hypnotic subject is under the power of the hypnotist.



A hypnotist does not have power over another person. Modern hypnosis uses the word “in” when describing hypnosis, in that a person is “in” a hypnotic state. Modern hypnosis does not use the word “under” as if the hypnotic subject is “under” the power of the hypnotist. This old model has been found untrue. In modern hypnotherapy both the hypnotist and his client are seen as equals where the hypnotist facilitates process, but does not control it. Also avoid using the phrase “down into hypnosis” for the same reason.

Clients resolve their issues from their own inner resources – i.e. from their own subconscious mind.

The hypnotherapist is a “facilitator.”

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