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Why Positive Thinking and Affirmations Don't Always Work

Have you ever set a goal but after a while found that just thinking about it makes you feel upset?

Or have you ever tried affirmations - personal declarations in the spirit of positive thinking - and no matter how many times you affirm something to yourself, it does not seem to become your reality? "I am confident, healthy and strong." And the inner voice whispers (or sometimes shouts), "NO, YOU ARE NOT!"

This is the voice of an INNER CRITIC. This is also a sign of self-sabotage or what is known as CONSCIOUS/ SUBCONSCIOUS CONFLICT.

Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest ways to resolve this conflict. And convert the inner critic into an INSPIRING INNER COACH.

Once your subconscious is in rapport with your conscious mind, you experience a state of flow. This is what athletes call to be IN THE ZONE.

Let go of fears. Raise your self-esteem. Become confident and loving. Let go of the past. Living in the flow is what REAL LIFE is all about.

It is your birthright. Go ahead and claim it. Connect with Your Higher Self through hypnotherapy.

How to practically do it?

Either book a hypnotherapy session or LEARN SELF-HYPNOSIS.

Be well,

Alexander Fidelman

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