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What Is Hypnosis or How to Befriend Your Subconscious Mind

For many people hypnosis is something esoteric, strange and even scary. "Will you make me cluck like chicken?", some people ask. "Not unless you want to". In hypnosis you are always in control. You never say or do anything that goes against your ethics and life principles. "Is hypnosis real then?", they would continue asking. Yes it is. As real as a state of trance which is a natural God given gift. Have you ever read a book and found yourself fully engrossed in those pages? Or watched a movie and began to feel one with a character? You lose a sense of time feeling clear, focused and in the flow. Athletes call this state "in the zone". The critical faculty of the mind is off to the side, the inner chatter is gone, your conscious and subconscious minds are one and your body's performing at its optimal level. As a certified clinical hypnotherapist I simply utilize this natural state to help clients reach their goals. They let go of hurt, fears and anxious feelings. Anger and guilt are replaced with forgiveness and love. You experience deep transformation and reclaim clarity and confidence. High self esteem, focus and motivation become natural. You reach the state of bliss.

And what do you do next? You create the life you want, you manifest your goals. The good news you can learn how to do it yourself. SELF-HYPNOSIS is the best tool I have found so far to change my life.

I have created a very effective method for teaching self-hypnosis to reach your goals and my new course "Hypnopower - Learn and Master Self-Hypnosis To Reach Your Goals" is now available online.

It will be equally beneficial to the beginners as well as very experienced practitioners of self-hypnosis.

To read more click here.

Warm and deep trances,

Alexander Fidelman, CCHt

Certified Clinical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

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