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HypnoPower: Join the Live Training

Thank You For Submitting Your Registration Form!

Congratulations on completing Journey Zero!

You can now access Journey One - your preparatory course for the live event, which will educate you about hypnosis and give you access to powerful exercises to remove your subconscious blocks (see the BUTTON below - after the live event details).

Live Event Details:

DATE: Sunday, December 24

TIME: 12:00 pm

Here is your Zoom link and passcode for the Live Training (an email has also been sent you with the details below):

Passcode: 7705577

Access Journey ONE for Free:

You can now enroll in our more in-depth preparatory course called, "HypnoPower: Journey ONE - Self-Study Preparatory Course for Self-Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy" to prime your subconscious mind for the live training ahead:

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